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    Corporate Culture
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    The goal of enterprise

    The construction of the domestic first-class drilling solids control equipment production enterprises, to create a strong market competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the enterprise.
    To provide the best customer service, free from drilling solids control at the forefront of the industry.

    Operating principle

    Relying on the victory, for the whole country;
    Market orientation, mechanism innovation capacity;
    The only example.

    Spirit of enterprise

    Specialty, excellence, integrity, win-win situation.

    Business creed:

    Business integrity is the survival of the enterprise;
    Quality service is the source of enterprise benefit;
    Innovation is the soul of an enterprise;
    Learning is the key to open the wisdom;
    Thought determines outlet;Prior to do in life;
    Customer demand is our work to improve the power;
    To provide more talents take-off runway;
    Corporate image is the intangible assets.

    Code of conduct for employees

    Be loyal to company, abide by the law;
    Precision attack operations, sincere service;
    Her dedication, brave achieves benefit;
    Sincere cooperation, team first.

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