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    Drilling Mud Purification System
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    ¡¡¡¡¡¡Product description
    Mud purification system is used to separate the argillaceous silt particle of the drilling fluid to maintain the property of the drilling fluid and store, recycle drilling fluid.
    The drilling mud purification system our company developed has 5 grade purification equipments with loaded mixing device, filling device and chemical agent priming device. It can improve the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid to satisfy the needs of the drilling operation.

    The circulation tank consists of 1#mult-function tank. 2# purification tank, 3#recyling tank, 4# water-supply tank, 5# loaded water-supply tank, anti-exploded power controlling system.

    The drilling fluid returning from the drill hole will flow into 2# tank by shale shakers after removing bigger solid particle and flow into 3# tank by drilling desilter. After stirring and degasification, the solid phase control through centrifuge, it flows into 4# and 5# tank. After the solid phase controls, the improved drilling fluid will be pumped from the bottom of the well and meet the well drilling craft needs.

    The circulation tank is designed for the bad drilling operation condition and difficult shift working, the power controller of which is enclosed anti-explosion with compact conformation, regularity and rationality. It not only can improve the working property but also reduce the workload of shift and arrangement, so it is an ideal equipment for controlling solid phase and improve drilling fluid.

    The characters of the product:

    1£© Work under lower temperature condition;
    2£© The bottom of the linkage breather is made delicate and better airtight;
    3£© It is designed with conic holding device to solve the problem of the solids control equipment while shift and accurately located rapidly;
    4£© Corrugated board of tank skin improves the density and stiffness of the tank.
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